Nortek attributes its success in Interior Architect and HVAC service to our Service First philosophy in 2006, Nortek began as a commercial Interior Architect & HVAC Company with a top priority of providing reliable, efficient, knowledgeable Interior Architect & HVAC service.


Nortek combines skill and experience that makes us produce high quality service for our customers.
We work on creative designs that reflect the needs of the client, while we pay attention to the smallest details and add a touch of Perfection to our work.

About Us

NORTEK INTERNATIONAL CO. GENERAL CONTRACTING W.L.L is providing workforce for Interior Architect, HVAC & Civil Contractor, Serving Residential, Commercial and Industrial Customers in Kuwait Since 2006. 


Our strong focus is to help clients with our group of professional Architects with huge and vast experience to find technical solutions to save costs and time.

Our Vision

To be the preferable solution provider for all clients’ Interior design, HVAC & Construction needs.

Also by providing a simple design and excellent implementation that suits all types of projects.

Our Mission

Nortek is a design builds service, as well as a lifestyle; where we aim to give style seekers a hub for creative design, modern trends and discoveries.

Featured Works

Interior Architect

  • Site Planning
  • Furniture Layout in 2D or 3D
  • Design Consultation
  • Fit-out
  • Furnishing

HVAC System

    • Home Planning
    • AC Duct Layout 2D or 3D
    • Design Consultation
    • HVAC Calculations
    • Load Calculations for M.E.W
    • Installation of AC Units

Mechanical Construction

Our ability to build, remodels, and maintain complex HVAC systems insures the highest quality of building performance and sustainability.
Experience within their disciplinary developments, our dedicated labor force, our highly regarded reputation with material and equipment suppliers and our continued commitment to customer satisfaction have long been Nortek’s advantage in construction and competitive cost delivery.

Our Projects



KPC Sabhan

OG Office

Sufret Zuhair